Why Choose Gaming Chair?

- Feb 20, 2019-

Gaming chair, referred to as the electric chair. Among them, e-sports is the video game competition to reach the  "competitive " level of activities. E-Sports is the use of electronic equipment as a sports device, the human-to-human intellectual confrontation movement.

Through exercise, we can exercise and improve the participants ' thinking ability, responsiveness, coordination ability and willpower of the heart and limbs, and cultivate team spirit. E-Sports is also a profession, similar to non-video game competitions such as chess. The electric chair is not limited to the game seat, has been widely popularized in people's work and learning and production places.

It has a very high ergonomic nature and is good for health.

1. Fabric mix and match:

According to the European seat ^ comfort test results, the back of the use of sports car special soft leather, cushions using a slightly hard racing special carbon fiber imitation leather material, the flank part is still used by the acclaimed car special granular cloth for decoration.

2. Color mix and match:

Absorption F1 Racing Classic red and black two colors, blending black and white lattice pattern concept, ^ interpretation of F1 spirit.

3. Visual Effects:

The overall shape of the fashion atmosphere, not only practical ^, decorative also ^, the realization of the seat from pragmatism to the new visual ^ transition.

4. Steel Skeleton Upgrade:

On the original basis to optimize the internal frame, the skeleton part of the overall thickening 1 mm, comfort increased, safety is more secure.

5. Fill Sponge Upgrade:

Abandonment of domestic high-density cold foam sponge, the first use of imported racing seat special sponge, through 100,000 extrusion without deformation experiment.

6. High Straight backrest:

Make up for the vast majority of computer chair low backrest, head and neck can not rely on rest problems, but also maintain your hip and waist right-angled sitting position, to meet the medical community recognized in the three right-angled sitting position of the first important right angle.

7.180 degree angle converter:

You can adjust your backrest to any angle you feel comfortable with, or you can even put it nearly 180 degrees and lie flat for a nap, lunch break, and sleeps, especially for a long time computer office or game family.

8. Adjustable Handrail:

The handrail can be adjusted to the appropriate height, so that the long time to operate the keyboard and mouse elbow joint is 90 degrees, to meet the medical community recognized the second right angle, effectively avoid the shoulders and wrists due to long time fatigue caused by the shoulder and hunchback.

9. Five-Star iron feet:

Feel free to move, safe and strong, rich in metal texture and modern atmosphere, for  "mobile office " to bring great convenience.

10. High Lifting function: According to the height of the desk or computer table, the seat can be adjusted to ^ comfortable height, super flexibility at will show your wonderful.