The Difference Between Gaming Chairs And Ordinary Chairs

- Dec 22, 2020-

E-sports chairs, as the name suggests, are dedicated electronic game chairs used in the video game city animation game city, and can also be divided into game console chairs, animation game chairs and so on. The electronic game city is quite special, and the required quality standards of the game chair and video game chair are high. The main requirement is to sit comfortably, suitable for the height of the game console, so that consumers will not be so strenuous in entertainment. Therefore, in order to assist in creating a more comfortable seating environment and competition experience during e-sports competitions, an e-sports chair tailored specifically for e-sports players.

With frequent appearances in large-scale competitions at home and abroad, e-sports chairs are no longer exclusive to the arena. Here I want to explain that the so-called gaming chair is just a gimmick. After all, it is an ergonomic chair, but there are still ways to choose a good chair. The following 5 points are summarized.

1. Cushion

The cost of a good cushion is higher, and the general ergonomic chair fabric is mesh, so businesses basically make a fuss on the cushion. Good cushions use foreign mesh fabrics. It’s not that I am fond of foreigners. This is a fact, and the curve of the mesh surface adapts to the curve of the buttocks, plays a good role in supporting and protecting the body, and gives you a comfortable sitting feeling. . The linear seats currently on the market are a good choice. They feel comfortable and are good for heat dissipation.

2. Backrest

The backrest of an ergonomic chair also needs to be comfortable and safe. The backrest of some chairs is very loose, and even slight shaking can produce noise. Such chairs are not only easy to damage, but also sometimes have safety hazards.

3. Lift the steering rod

If you buy an ergonomic chair, you must observe the chair's lifting, rotating and other functions. During the process, feel whether the whole process is smooth and smooth, whether there is looseness and slippage. If the lift feels hindered, then you have to choose this computer chair carefully.

4. Other details

Other hidden parts and small details of the computer chair cannot be ignored. If the parts are found to be rough or even rusty, it must be a poor quality product.