The Development Of The Gaming Chair Industry

- Aug 01, 2020-

With the rapid development of technology and economy, the e-sports leisure industry has developed extremely rapidly, and various e-sports halls and online e-sports games have emerged everywhere. Following the rapid development of e-sports arenas and online e-sports, e-sports chair game equipment is also developing extremely fast. Today we will understand the current situation of the e-sports chair market.

E-sports chair is a new cross-age product that subverts the traditional seat concept and breaks the traditional seat manufacturing process. The gaming chair follows a unique humanized design concept and conforms to ergonomics. It has the three characteristics of wear resistance, scratch resistance, and high temperature resistance. It has good air permeability and is more convenient to clean. The product design is fashionable, simple and generous. At present, e-sports chairs are no longer limited to game seats, and are gradually popularized in people's work, study and production places.

Today's e-sports has gradually got rid of the impression of "Internet addiction teenagers" in the public eye, and has become a legal and official game that is now recognized. As early as 2003, e-sports became the 99th official sports event. In 2008, e-sports was included in China's 78th sports event; in 2013, the General Administration of Sports established the national e-sports team; in 2014, the world e-sports competition was permanently held Settled in Yinchuan On March 19, 2016, the State Sports General Administration announced the establishment of the China Mobile E-sports Industry Alliance; on April 18 of the same year, the Sports Information Center of the State Sports General Administration and Datang Telecom hosted the first National Mobile E-Sports Competition (CMEG). ). The recognition and support of national policies and the improvement of the gaming environment have played a significant role in promoting the current situation of China's gaming chair industry.