Teach You Gaming Chair Buy Tips

- Mar 15, 2019-

1. Observe The Cushions.

The average computer chair is a sponge cushion. And good cushions are more expensive, so some businesses are on the cushions to reduce costs, such as lowering the thickness of the sponge, or the strength of the material is not enough. Good cushions are generally thicker and have a sunken curved curve to suit a person's butt. In addition, good cushions are better elastic. If the cushions are thinner, it is not comfortable to sit on, and if the cushions are thick but not elastic, the merchant may have used poor materials.

2, Sitting Sense.

If the design is reasonable, the chair general sitting feeling is more comfortable, the cushion area has a good acceptance, inclusive, not feel uncomfortable.

3, The Backrest Should Be Reliable.

Part of the chair's backrest is looser, the back of the time will make noise, such a chair is easy to damage.

4, Try to shake left and right, if the overall structure of the chair is unstable, it is easy to damage.

5, Handrail, hand try to put on the handrail, high and low whether feel comfortable

6, Gas rod, if you buy swivel chair, then try to lift the swivel chair, feel some lifting process is smooth, if the feeling dry, then the gas rod quality is not good

7, The free function, part of the Chair has the back of the escape function, try to open the free function, feel, you can rest assured that "free"

8, Flip the chair over, watch its hidden structure, if found parts rough, even rusty, it is a shoddy product.

9, If you buy a swivel chair, then check whether the wheel is smooth movement, if dry, belongs to the inferior products.

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