Regulating Parts Of The Racing Chair

- Dec 22, 2020-

Mainly adjust fatigue from the following aspects:

1. Head: The height and rotation of the headrest can be adjusted, allowing the user's cervical spine to fit the headrest naturally, standardizing the sitting posture of the sitting person, and resisting office enjoyment. The best position is when the height of the headrest fully supports your cervical spine.

2. Chair back: The best support position for the waist is the third and fourth spine. The entire chair back can be adjusted in height, which can easily meet the needs of different users and reduce most of the human body weight on the lumbar vertebrae.

3. Lumbar support: Separate movable lumbar support, the resilience is concentrated on the movable lumbar support, giving users the closest support. The active lumbar support relaxes and fits the entire lower back comfortably to the lower back by adjusting the curvature, so that the back vertebrae are relaxed, thereby relieving the fatigue of the back vertebrae.

4. Angle: free adjustment, stepless and stepless locking, curved back design, bow-shaped frame strength and elastic treatment, handrail curved streamline treatment, etc.