Razer Iskur Game Chair

- Oct 27, 2020-

Designed from scratch with a focus on comfort, health and fashion, the new Razer Iskur is Razer's first game chair, which redefines the game chair with a unique external waist support system and high-density foam cushions.

, fashionable multi-layer synthetic leather, etc.

Iskur aims to meet the advanced ergonomic requirements of today's game chairs, with a unique external waist support system that offers a custom function of 26 degrees to help improve player posture during long periods of play.

The lumbar support system reduces pain and strain by supporting the full curvature of the spine, especially in the middle and lower areas, where tension is greatest.

Iskur also has high-density foam pads that provide additional support and comfort;

A 4D handrail system that can be customized to achieve the best hand reach;

And a memory foam neck pillow that provides additional support at the top of the spine

The Iskur has multiple layers of black synthetic leather interior, complete with Razer green stitching for a vibrant color.

The headrest is decorated with the iconic green Razer three-headed snake logo and bears Razer's motto "To the Gamer".

Created by gamers."

Print along the seat.

The unique snake scale design creates a unique look and is definitely the Razer.