Main Features Of Electric Game Seats

- Feb 05, 2019-

Upgrade your gaming experience with an ergonomically designed electric chair. You can now play your ^ favorite game or work in your office and be comfortable all day long.

High back and wide handrails will embrace every curve of your body and provide you with incredible comfort. The high backrest with removable waist pads can also support your neck and spine so you don't have a "computer hunch" that each part is adjustable: you can adjust every part of the racing style game chair to ^ the type and height of the body. More specifically, you can adjust the height of the office chair, the tilt of the backrest, the back pressure and the handrail. The handrail can be adjusted to 3 dimensions, up and down, before and after, around.

All of these practical mechanisms are easy to control and adjust.

Electric Game seat Features:

Ergonomic design: The electric game seat is more efficient and comfortable, multi-functional to meet a variety of body shape.

Material: Metal frame, easy to clean artificial leather, removable headrest pillow and waist pad make it an ideal choice for work, learning and gaming Function: The chair swings back and forth. Adjustable backrest with 90°-170° safety angle.

Handrail and seat height adjustment; 360 degree rotation; 5 point base construction of heavy and smooth rolling casters;

Size: 26.5 "(Long) x22.5" (W) x47.5 "52" (high); ^ Large weight-330 lbs. After-Sales: 1-year limited warranty.