How To Choose Office Chair?

- Nov 30, 2019-

Nowadays, with the continuous development of technology, many office workers have been sitting longer and longer every day. Due to long-term desk work, their bodies are in a state of tension and stiffness. "Neck, shoulder and back pain" has almost become a common problem among office workers. More and more people are considering choosing a comfortable office chair.

As an office chair that spends eight hours a day, people's requirements for chairs are getting higher and higher. From the beginning, they can be raised and lowered, with back support, to the current armrest lift, chair backrest, headrest adjustment, and seat cushion adjustment. .. The generation of demand also allows office chairs to continue to develop, and has also produced more sub-categories such as ergonomic chairs and gaming chairs.

office chair

A good and comfortable office chair, customized office chairs need to meet these requirements:

1. Fashionable appearance, beautiful shape, visually pleasing will also bring spiritual comfort, seeing beautiful things, the mood will always be particularly bright.

2. Secondly, the back of the office chair is critical. Most office chair backs are designed with ergonomic principles, and the bionic spine back can well support every fulcrum of the human body.

3. If there are better chair back products, there will be lifting adjustments. Because different heights have different phases of spine protection, according to adult height data, the back frame needs to be adjustable for lifting.

4. The cushion needs to be thick and flexible, environmentally friendly and healthy, soft, breathable and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to collapse when sitting for a long time, creating a comfortable and comfortable cloud sitting feeling.

5.Adjustable headrest to help support the weight of the head and share the stress of the cervical spine, making work convenient and easy.

6. There are two types of lifting tables and chairs, one is air pressure type, and the other is spiral type. At the time of purchase, a trial is required.

7, five-claw design office chair legs, their chassis stability is also very important, aluminum alloy polished legs with strong bearing capacity, chair wheels should be smooth, quiet and flexible.