How To Choose An Ergonomic Office Chair

- Apr 14, 2020-

The computer chair is a set of comfortable office equipment specially provided for computer workers, usually composed of a pulley and a rotatable chair surface and armrests. Dedicated to computer work. The seat has functions such as turning and lifting, which can be adjusted to the best comfortable state. Computer chairs have been widely popularized in people's work and study and production places. It has certain ergonomics and is good for health. We can buy computer chairs from the following aspects:

1. Depth of office chair

Office chairs are generally used in more formal occasions. In this case, the basic etiquette must be respected, so the posture of the person sitting must be correct, and the depth of the chair should not be too deep, because the sitting position is too deep It is easy for people to relax. In this case, it is impossible to maintain a long and correct sitting posture, so the depth of the chair to meet the needs of the office should be shallow.

2. The height of the chair legs

The height of people using office chairs must be high or low. If an office chair with a uniform foot height is used, it is easy to cause user discomfort and discomfort, and never reduces work efficiency. Therefore, the legs of office chairs are generally designed to be adjustable in height, so that they can basically satisfy all height users.

3. The height of the handrail

When sitting in a seat, many people are accustomed to put their hands down or put them on the armrests. If they are used to putting their hands down, they may choose office chairs with lower armrests or even without armrests. If you like the habit of putting your hand on the armrest or shrinking the whole person in the middle of an office chair, it is better to choose a chair with a higher armrest.

4. The height of the chair back

For an office environment where frontal sitting is required, you can configure chairs without armrests and backrests, or choose chairs with low armrests and low backrests. If it is a more casual occasion, you can choose an office chair with a high backrest. You can put your center of gravity on the back and lean on the backrest. The height of the backrest can be near the neck or in the middle of the head.

5. The slope of the chair

Although the office chair in the impression seems to have a cushion and a backrest at ninety degrees, in fact most of them are slightly backwards, and the whole person sits on the chair safely. The office chair with more leisure performance has a larger slope, and people sit on it as if lying on a chair.

6. The softness of the chair

Pay attention to whether the softness of the cushion and backrest is comfortable. If it is an office chair without a seat cushion or cushion back, the hardness of the material itself can be directly seen. For the additional part, pay attention to what the inner filler is, and try to feel after sitting on it.

7. The stability of the chair

Pay attention to the treatment of the chair in the structural details, and you will know the stability of the chair. In particular, the chair, which is mainly supported by the legs of a single chair, should pay more attention to structural problems. Inspection of joints such as cards and screws is very important.

8. The style of the chair

The style of the chair should be reasonable and should be coordinated with the entire environment, that is, it should not only meet your needs, but also match the color of the existing furniture.