Gaming Leader Razer

- Oct 27, 2020-

IRVINE, California (RazerCon 2020) -- Razer™ is the world's leading lifestyle brand for gamers, remembered by the global gaming community on October 10, 2020.

Fans from around the world attended the inaugural RazerCon to watch Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang Tan's live mixed reality keynote, an interactive conference held on the iconic Singapore skyline.

Next up are Razer's new and unannounced product panels, as well as exclusive game content showcases and giveaway offerings, such as Romero Games, Perfect World Entertainment, Paradox Interactive and game technology partners such as Intel, NVIDIA and Western Digital's game studios.

The event generated a huge response among fans, with a maximum simultaneous viewership of more than 1 million, and a total of 250,000 hours and 175 million views on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

In a true celebration of everything in gaming, industry veterans including Brenda and John Romero and Haz Dullul showed off their latest projects, along with leading gaming celebrities CloakZy, CourageJD, PaladinAmber and many others interacting with the community.

Razer also announced his commitment to a more sustainable future through # GogreenwithRazer project.

Under the plan, Razer will invest in greener offices and products, as well as promoting sustainable practices to employees, partners, Razer fans and the gaming community.

RazerCon 2020 is the world's first live event powered by Razer Chroma RGB lighting (patent pending).

The highlight of the event was a concert following the gala, which featured world-class EDM performances and metal shows including Deadmau5, Sabaton and DragonForce, with fans at home enjoying the Razer Chroma-enabled device that lit up in sync with the band's performance.