Do You Know How To Maintain Cortical Seats?

- Mar 01, 2019-

Leather Simple Maintenance Method:

1, Car leather chair to try to get two feet away from the heat source, such as too close to the heat source will lead to dry leather

2, Do not be exposed to the sun for a long time exposure, so as to avoid leather discoloration

3, Often carry out cleaning and maintenance, a week using a vacuum cleaner to suck dust ash

4, In the cleaning do not use a hairdryer to quickly blow dry leather, to achieve natural air drying.

Leather Seat Maintenance Method: Medium and high-level cars are mostly leather seats, there are many drivers to install their own leather seats, to show comfort, luxury and nobility, and the service life is also longer. Leather is a natural matter, maintenance is naturally not light and look at it. Wipe dry with cotton paper towels after washing. Daily Maintenance, in addition to everyone knows to avoid sharp objects scratching leather, but also pay attention to dust and sun protection. Because the dust is ubiquitous, will suck the natural grease in the leather, it becomes a dry skin. Burning sunlight can age the skin of the body, which is also suitable for leather seats