Difference Between Engineering Chair And Ordinary Chair

- Feb 20, 2020-


High-end ergonomic computer chairs and ordinary computer chairs can be seen directly from the overall appearance. High-end computer chairs obviously look more stable and durable, while cheap computer chairs are displayed thin.


The chassis and frame of the engineering chair are firm, and the bearing capacity meets international standards. The pulley movement is silent, flexible and durable. Engineering chair legs are generally made of four materials, and the chassis and pulleys are stronger than ordinary computer chairs in bearing gravity, safety and durability.


The back part of the traditional computer chair is fixed, and the pillow position of the engineering chair can be rotated 360 degrees, so that our cervical spine can be soothed and relaxed. In addition, the engineering chair base and five claws have a thicker and more stable metal texture.


The ordinary chair can only meet the ordinary users' ordinary use. The stiffness of each part cannot be changed with the body. The ergonomic chair is different. It will try to adapt to the natural shape of the human body and protect the spine health.