You must make it clear whether it is durable before buying an Internet cafe gaming chair

- Mar 26, 2021-

Shopping suggestions:

1. As an important part of safety, air rods must be checked to see if they have passed the quality standards of SGS. BIFMA when purchasing.

2. If you have a heavier partner, for more comprehensive protection, it is recommended to buy an gaming chair that meets the quality requirements and is protected by steel plates.

The price of the gaming chair is not too cheap. If it is used for a period of time, various problems will appear, and the price/performance ratio will be greatly reduced. Before purchasing an Internet cafe gaming chair, it is necessary to know whether it is durable, the main thing is to understand its material and workmanship.

At present, there are three mainstream five-star foot materials on the market, namely aluminum alloy, nylon, and stickers, and their durability is different.

a. Aluminum alloy.

The cost of aluminum alloy is the highest among these three. It has good durability and strong load-bearing capacity. The load-bearing capacity can generally reach more than 500KG.

b. Nylon.

Nylon has strong plasticity and fits the design theme better.

c. Iron.

The cost of iron is relatively low, and the electroplating process now also makes the appearance shiny and smooth. It has a better load-bearing effect and is more durable.

The five wheels of the gaming chair bear the weight of the human body, which is related to the durability and quiet effect of the chair. Common materials are ordinary PU and nylon. They age faster and have better toughness.

Poor, but the mute effect is good. The composite material of PU and nylon has good abrasion resistance and has a very good noise-reduction effect.