What should you pay attention to when choosing a gaming chair that is truly safe and comfortable?

- Jan 16, 2021-

What brand of gaming chair is good? Is it true that playing games on the gaming chair will not cause back pain?

Although there are not many innovations in the current game market, there are many professionally positioned products, just like the hot e-sports series in recent years, e-sports keyboards, mice, monitors, etc., in addition to hot e-sports chairs, today Let’s take a look at what brand of gaming chairs is good, and to buy them-what should you pay attention to that are truly safe and comfortable gaming chairs?

Good Internet cafe gaming chairs generally use a one-piece steel frame. The steel frame structure of the chair can not only fully improve the life and load-bearing capacity of the chair, but also extend the service life.

Independent research and development design, independently developed for gaming chairs--body sponge skeleton line, using 2.5t all-steel skeleton to bear pressure, impact resistance up to 2.5t, superior support performance, electrophoresis paint technology on the outside, environmentally friendly resin materials , Healthy and odorless.

Some gaming chair cushions are relatively hard, and after a long period of time, people will feel back pain and tingling buttocks. Therefore, when choosing, choose the inner filling to be sponge. The density and strength of the sponge should be larger, so that the resilience is better and the sitting feeling is softer and more comfortable. The gaming chair adopts one-piece skeleton sponge foaming technology. The all-steel skeleton is completely wrapped in high-density sponge. The thickness of the sponge is 3.47 times that of similar products in the market. It uses real materials to maximize comfort.

In the design concept, the safety of players is always the first priority. Therefore, the safety design of the built-in explosion-proof plate is not only critical to every material, but the design of the built-in explosion-proof plate of the bottom frame is an additional step to safeguard consumer safety.

Most of the five claws of gaming chairs are made of steel or nylon. High-end series are generally made of alloy materials, which are much stronger than ordinary computer chairs and have a large bearing capacity. E-sports chairs generally use alloy five-star feet, which provide users with safer and more stable support.