Use maintenance wax to clean and maintain the home gaming chair once a month

- Mar 16, 2021-

Use maintenance wax to clean and maintain the home sports gaming chair once a month. In summer, because people sweat a lot, you should maintain it once a week. Don't wait for the office chair to be dirty and then clean it, it will be difficult It’s cleaned to its original condition. Moreover, many cleaners are harmful to the leather. It was difficult to see when it was cleaned at that time. After a long time, problems will occur. The leather of a real leather office chair is very precious, just like humans. Skin--like, you need to take care of it. Only if you maintain it, your leather office chair can last as long as new and bring you the enjoyment of life. Don't use detergent to clean the office chair. First, it will make the leather legs color. : The second is to harden the cortex.

The correct adjustment of the back cushion back elasticity should take the weight of the back relaxed as the standard to properly adjust the back elasticity. If the elasticity is greater than the weight of the back, it will show that it is difficult or difficult to recline, which will cause discomfort. If the elasticity is less than the weight of the back, it will produce a feeling of inadequate support or a rapid backward leaning inadvertently causing insecurity.

it can move. An e-sports chair is not only limited to one place, the chair should be able to move with the movement of the computer, so such a customized e-sports chair for the team should have a movable foot to operate.

Material. A good gaming chair for competitive games should have more outstanding materials, such as high-end leather. Only such a computer chair will make people feel more comfortable, and it will also have an extremely comfortable experience when touching it.

Ergonomic basis. Your whole body must be in contact with such a chair, and every part of the body should be very comfortable. This is the basis of an ergonomics, and such a chair should also achieve this effect. Maintain a good contact with the body in all parts, which makes people feel that this is the chair they want. There is no sense of distance between people and the chair, and they are closer.

The correct angle of the armrest pad should be able to provide moderate support to your hand or elbow joint anytime and anywhere. Long-term lack of proper support of the hand or elbow joint can easily cause wrist tunnel syndrome and elbow joint syndrome. Of course, it also has the protection of the cervical spine. A certain relationship.

shock. A manufacturer’s custom zone, the gaming chair brand will still vibrate? Some people can’t help but have questions when they see such a title. Yes, the computer chair will vibrate. As long as it is connected to the power supply, it will affect the body at each key node. The vibration of sex-satisfaction, so that the fatigue of the body is gradually relieved, even if you sit for a long time, you will not feel tired.