Two characteristics of high-end gaming chair armrests

- Feb 06, 2021-

The armrest can support the elbow when operating the keyboard, and the arm is bent at a right angle, which can effectively prevent the shoulder and wrist from slipping and hunching due to long-term fatigue. High-end gaming chair armrests have the following two characteristics:

Because everyone's habits and body types are different, in order to meet their own needs to the greatest extent, the armrests must have sufficient adjustability. This adjustment includes up and down support adjustment, and left and right rotation adjustment.

The armrest of the gaming chair mainly achieves the effect of preventing keyboard hands by supporting the arm. To achieve a comfortable feeling, the armrest needs to be able to fit the arm well. There are some gaming chairs on the market that use three-axis multi-dimensional bridging hair armrests, which appropriately extend the armrest area, which makes it more convenient to operate.

At the same time, the e-sports players have proper arm support to prevent arm muscle strain.

Recommendations for selecting competitive gaming chairs:

1. When purchasing gaming chairs, those who have a poor waist or a waist disease are advised to give preference to gaming chairs with good support, such as those with lumbar pillows. Filler priority: one-piece foam> virgin sponge> recycled sponge, material priority: technology super fiber leather> low-end mesh> ordinary PU.

2. In terms of armrests, choose an e-sports chair that can be adjusted freely and has a slight curvature, so that it can meet the support of the arm at different times.