The function of the gaming chair is very powerful, no longer limited to gaming seats

- Jan 22, 2021-

E-sports chairs are actually e-sports seats, referred to as e-sports chairs. From this name, we can roughly understand the role of gaming chairs. E-sports chairs are specially prepared for people who play games. E-sports is an activity in which electronic game competitions reach the "competitive" level. E-sports sports are carried out through electronic equipment as exercise equipment. Intellectual confrontation between people. Through exercise, you can exercise and improve the thinking ability of participants. Reaction ability, coordination ability and willpower can well cultivate the team spirit of participants. Then the seats used by participants in the game are gaming chairs.

The function of the gaming chair is very powerful. It is no longer limited to gaming seats. It has been widely used in people's work, study and production places. The gaming chair has a very high ergonomics in design and is of great benefit to human health. The pioneer brand of gaming chairs is DXRACER. DXRACER brings the concept of ergonomics to the chair for the first time, and has also developed various peripheral accessories to provide participants with the best gaming experience.

At the new starting point of the golden age of e-sports in China, Tencent e-sports officially released a new five-year plan this time, covering four aspects: upgrading the competition system, expanding business models, training systematic talents, and developing pan-entertainment e-sports industrial parks. Expand the layout in the direction, specifically:

In terms of events, we will continue to comprehensively upgrade the event system from the four dimensions of professionalization, popularization, internationalization and entertainment, and enhance the user value of the event.

In terms of alliances, we will use the successful experience of the traditional sports industry and combine the special attributes of e-sports to continue to explore a sustainable ecological model with major e-sports clubs.

In terms of talent training, it will cooperate with leading educational institutions at home and abroad to deliver tens of thousands of high-quality talents to the industry, and work with industry partners to create more job opportunities for them.

Regarding the e-sports industrial park, it will use offline comprehensive development as a model to expand more in the outer edge of e-sports industry. In the next five years, Tencent E-sports will establish more than ten pan-entertainment e-sports industrial parks across the country with its partners to accelerate the industrialization of e-sports.