Market background

- Apr 28, 2019-

Hong Kong's electronics exports to the United States are booming and its exports to the European Union continue to grow. The electronic components companies in Hong Kong are able to provide customized products and integrated solutions for well-known companies in the us, Europe and Japan, such as computer game components, modules for cetrs and chipsets for cetrs LCD modules. Recently, some suppliers have game chair and game table. In addition, standard components are normally shipped directly to distributors and manufacturers in overseas markets. Some Hong Kong companies also have their own marketing offices and/or representative offices in the mainland of China and other overseas markets. In particular, Hong Kong is an important trading hub for electronic components in the asia-pacific region. Many products from the us, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are re-exported to China via Hong Kong and vice versa.


A number of multinational component manufacturers have offices in Hong Kong engaged in sales, distribution and procurement activities in the region. Less Hong Kong company selling their own brand electronic products, such as letter (Truly), vtech (V - Tech), right wisdom group (GroupSense), Venturer, GP and ACL. Their sales network 丌 but in advanced countries, also in Latin America, eastern Europe and Asia. Hong Kong's trade surplus with the mainland rose 38.4 percent to $41.07 billion in 2016, according to the Hong Kong government's statistics department. As of December, the Chinese mainland was Hong Kong's largest trading partner, ranking first among Hong Kong's export destinations and sources of imports.